Jacob Young

University of Guelph, Computer Science

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My name is Jacob Young and I am currently working on my undergraduate in computer science at the University of Guelph. I will be finished in April, 2020.
I am from Hamilton, Ontario in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area. Living in this area has helped me to see how the world is evolving with a larger population while attempting to maintain the environment.

At the University of Guelph, I have learned how to problem solve, multitask, use Google-fu effectively, and have learned the programming skills to quickly learn new languages.
I have also volunteered as an Orientation Volunteer and a University of Guelph Ambassador which has helped me to improve my oral communication skills while talking to new students and their families about the school.



University of Guelph,
BCH.CS:C-MATH (2015-2020)

Coding Knowledge

C, C#, Java, 68K Assembly, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript

Internet Frameworks

Bootstrap, Spring Framework, Angular, JavaServer Pages


Video Game, Movie, and Technology nerd. Curler. Canadian.

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